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“My daughter and myself have been attending Clayton Orthodontics for the last couple of years. My daughter started her treatment first which inspired me to see if they might help me. My decision was made all the more easier by the help and advice given by ALL the staff. We were looked after so well. We actually looked forward to our visits. The staff are very friendly and professional. Now our treatment is coming to an end, we miss seeing everyone. My son is due to go in the next year and we have no hesitation in him going. I am so proud of my new smile as is my daughter. Thank you to all the staff at Clayton Orthodontics!”

– Maxine Brewer

“Before I had my surgery, I was always very self-conscious about my smile. I would never give a full smile because when I was very young and had my school picture taken it did not turn out so well L, so I figured out ways to hide behind my hands or just kept my lips closed when laughing or for pictures. After the surgery I found I was no longer self-conscious around people and had stopped thinking about how my smile appeared to others, it was a nice since of relief. I have no regrets and wished I knew about this procedure sooner.”

– Mary Lawerence

“It is a pleasure being a patient at Clayton Orthodontics. Dr. Roth and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, and accommodating. I always look forward to my next visit and feel as if I have new family members that I know and trust. They have definitely changed my smile: from the inside and out.”

– Brent

“There is NO place quite like Clayton Orthodontics. From the moment we walked into the bright welcoming office where everybody knows your name, we were IN! Our family dentist, Dr. Scott Schofield in Berwick Nova Scotia referred us to Dr. Stephen Roth when our daughter was 12 years old. Her front teeth were very crooked and several teeth were still growing in. A previous Ortho had simply said “Come back when she is 17”. Dr. Roth immediately came up with a plan to put braces on the front teeth, made a plan for double jaw surgery down the road, including more braces later when her mouth was ready. In the meantime her front teeth changed almost immediately and a beautiful smile in those difficult teenage years was created! When the second set of braces were removed in the spring of 2014 we were stunned at the results. The proof is in the photo! In the middle of all this, I was so impressed with my daughters’ ongoing results that I decided to take the plunge at the age of 54…. I have never looked back! It was unimaginable to me that my teeth could become straightened at my age. I could not have been more wrong! Much to the delight of my Grade 1 students at the time, the technicians decked me out in a new color each month!! WHO KNEW BRACES COULD BE FUN???

Throughout our 8 years of visiting Dr. Roth’s office we have always felt welcomed and part of the Clayton Orthodontic family. Both Chelsey and I highly recommend choosing Clayton Orthodontics for results you never dreamed possible. It has been life changing!”

– Cindy & Chelsey Robichaud

“Our family has been on quite a journey with Dr. Roth and Clayton Orthodontics. It began with me and now all 4 family members have been successfully treated by Dr. Roth and his fabulous staff! After years of being unhappy with my smile, I took the plunge and went to see Dr. Roth and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I have beautiful teeth and feel great about my smile. Through every step of the process our family has been treated like old friends coming back for a visit. With 4 of us going through treatment and overlapping we spent a lot of time there and every single visit was a positive one. Every patient is treated with respect and somehow the staff remember everyone’s name and make us feel at ease, it was truly a family affair for us and we will always be thankful for Dr. Roth and his amazing staff for helping us have 4 beautiful smiles we can be proud of. I would highly recommend Clayton Orthodontics to anyone at any age who is considering treatment!”

– Patti, Wade, Jake and Alex Rhodenizer

“Having been a patient of two Orthodontists, I have a comparison point. Dr. Roth and his staff are extremely professional and wonderfully friendly. The clinic is immaculate and in a great location in Clayton Park. Whether it’s the greeting smile of Jessica or the great conversation with Dr. Roth, every visit is tremendously pleasant. I can’t recommend Clayton Orthodontics highly enough.”

-Robert Mudge, RCN